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Help us to continue to provide hope for families.

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Helping with Hope

The Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment was established in 2010 by a group of local parents and youth development professionals to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children and to serve as a community resource for those impacted by autism. To meet the needs of a growing community, The UCN added a psychology department in 2016 to provide diagnostic testing, individual and family therapy, social skills groups, and a summer camp program. We continued to grow in 2019 with the addition of parent training, behavioral feeding therapy, and a preschool and toddler parent training group. The UCN is dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence based diagnostic and therapeutic services to people with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

While we have grown to reflect the changing needs of the autism community, the autism community has also grown. When we were founded according to the CDC 1 in 69 children (2012) were diagnosed with autism, now 1 in 59 children (2018) are diagnosed. The need for services is rapidly out growing providers. We need your help to increase the capacity of our current programs and grow into new ones. Your donation will not only make a difference in the life of an individual with autism but also their family.

Success Stories

"When our son first started at The Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment, he would repeat words and label objects and colors. Recently we had a medical emergency in our family and the person driving our son to the clinic was taken to a local hospital. Upon getting to the hospital, that individual was not able to give any contact information, the hospital staff asked our son and he was not only able to give his name but also our phone number so we could be reached."

"I know what quality care looks like. Our son has been in ABA centers across the United States. When I visited this center, I knew this would be a place where our son could grow, but who would also be celebrated for all of his unique qualities. This center is special and truly a gift to this community. The talented and well trained staff create an environment that shows that our children deserve to thrive in this community and there are no boundaries to their success. The staff here acknowledge that my husband and I know our son better than anyone else and have taken time to listen and learn about our son because they see him as a person, who just happens to have autism. A person who has likes and dislikes, a favorite song, as well as a typical older brother who still longs to connect with him. This center has helped me on the journey of feeling hopeful for the future and I know in my heart, this center will provide hope for many other families as well."

"When my son first started the Linked Social Groups, he was struggling socially at school. His communication with other kids his age was labored and awkward. Social interactions with peers was a big part of his IEP. I will never forget the first IEP meeting after his first semester at social group, his special education teacher came to me and asked if we had “changed his meds” because he was a different child and whatever we were doing was working. I quickly told her that we had not changed any of his medications, but we had been attending the social group lessons! She was floored at the changes in his interactions with others, and I was delighted to know that he was learning valuable skills."